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Read what many happy customers have to say about their Trials Experience. Here are some testimonials from our students…

Get. On. The. Bike
"Thanks to Trials Experience for helping me shake off the fear and Just. Get. On. The. Bike!"
Jesse B
we have learned so much in just 2 hours
"Hubby and I had our 1 on 1 training with Paul today; Paul was super patient and knowledgeable and we have learned so much in just 2 hours! better balance, coordination, control and confidence, I think this course is an absolute must for all riders. And the best part? we had so much fun! Trial bikes are absolutely addictive and I am sure we will be back. Cannot take the smile off my face all day!"
Hadar and Asaf
Thanks for a great weekend!
"Thanks for a great weekend! Jack and I learnt so much and your calm, fun way of training has given me heaps of confidence to go beyond my comfort zone! It is certainly apparent to me that you have such a love of training people, it exudes through everything you do. Keep it up, I will be back for more, your warning from the very start is quite correct as it is very addictive."
Nick K.
Thanks for the Blast of a day
"Thanks for the Blast of a day I had today – I found it amazing !! It has shown me all the things I can work on to improve my riding Much appreciated"
excellent value for money
"Hi Paul, Just to say a personal thanks for running the weekend. Other than compulsory basic training for road licence in the late 1980's that's the first formal bike trading session I've attended. I was well overdue as I learned a lot and enjoyed the weekend. I'll now be thinking about my technique more and more on every ride. Overall the weekend was well organised and excellent value for money. Have a safe trip back to Victoria."
Martin Buckland
very satisfying great tips
"Hi Paul, Awesome weekend! Leaving there with heaps to work on over next rides was very satisfying great tips throughout weekend. Thanks again. Had a great weekend!"
Rexford Carlson
I Learnt so much
"Thank you guys. Great training and great venue. Learnt so much. See you on the next one".
Bryck Robin
I needed to give it a go
"Thanks again for the great day. Definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but provided me with the confidence and skills I needed to give it a go.

I got out with my son over the weekend. Was amazed how transferrable the skills/techniques were and even more surprised that I was able to stay off the clutch. You asked about ahh moments, the other take away for me was knowing that the front wheel will get over anything less than axle height and only needing to lift it the difference"
Russell Thorne
Had A Ball
"Just wanted to say thanks again for today guys. Myself and Nick had a ball and I’ve learnt a lot that I want to take away and practice. Thanks for your time and patience it was much appreciated."
Andrew Gennings
QLD (Sept 2019)
Many Thanks
"Many thanks for 3 excellent days of Trialing, was great to focus on the basics to get these right. I cannot wait to come back and do some more training."
Terry Moloney
Vanuatu (Sept 2019)
Great Insight
Hi Guys,

"Just thought we would touch base with you both, as it has been a few weeks now since we made your acquaintance at the 2011 Moto Trials Championships here in S.A.

The GAS GAS 125 which we purchased from you is going great guns!! As you know we had very little experience or knowledge about Moto Trials and it was very reassuring to meet both of you and draw on your vast knowledge and experience. Your passion for the sport was incredible and this shone thru each time we walked past your display during the event. Having owned “dirt “ bikes for most of our lives, we sincerely appreciated your time to give us a great insight to these types of bikes.

We both look forward to keeping in touch with you both and know that if we have any questions, you are only a phone call away.

Hope to catch up and attend a “Trials Experience” school….perhaps one here in S.A. in the future?

Anyway keep up the great work promoting Moto Trials and have fun, as we surely are."
Den and Coralie Clayson
Gawler S.A.
Awesome opportunity
"Standing as the new riding is much more fun than it sounds. We had a fun afternoon, which required huge amounts of lollies for refuelling. Awesome opportunity to learn something new, different, without having to spend on all the gear upfront just to have a go."
Very Professional
"Just a short note to thank you both again for the Trials day I completed last weekend with my son Ross……alias Rossa ! Its been many years since Ross and I mucked around on a fairly beaten up TY 175 and 98% of my riding has been touring and circuit racing. Your course is very professional and it was good to start with the basics and gradually build up the skills .By the end of the day I was beginning to feel just a little older than 18 but had a ball! Keep up the good work and I hope the future is good to you." Cheers for now,
“I have wanted to have a shot on a trials bikes for a while and this was the perfect way to do it. It’s one thing to jump on a bike and have a ride it is another thing to get correct instruction on technique and skills so you can advance quickly and get some experience with obstacles.”
It was more than I expected to learn
"Thanks for the certificate, and would also like to say what a great day I had! It was more than I expected to learn in one day, Dave made it such a friendly Easy going day! I am sure all the guys that were there on the day would say the same About Dave and his patience and experience and no pressure just have fun attitude which made the whole day so enjoyable. Thanks Trials Experience it was awesome "
Scott Schofield
It was awesome.
"It was awesome. Dave did a top job and it is fair to say that if we could, we'd all buy trail bikes yesterday after the fun we had!"
Piotr Wawrzyczny
Never had that much fun before
"Thanks Paul and Jade. Never had that much fun before. Heaps of takeout from the 5-hour session. Will definitely see you again soon."
Quân Lê
wonderful and generous hosts
"Thanks Jade for the flexibility and welcoming attitude leading up to this weekend. Paul and Dave were great trainers, just slipping everyone up the skills ladder effortlessly. David Makin’s family were wonderful and generous hosts. I hope Paul is back safe and sound soo. Best wishes."
Mike C
Absolute best riding weekend ever
"Absolute best riding weekend ever. Paul and Dave are amazing teachers. Learnt so much, above and beyond what I was expecting. Gained so much confidence with the bike. So much knowledge available I will have to go for seconds to learn some more. Thanks everyone for the rescue on Sunday afternoon (I hope we can revive the pig). Special thanks to Dave Makin and family for inviting us to their amazing property. Ride safe."
Steven Jamet
Thanks everyone for a great weekend
"Thanks everyone for a great weekend. I am looking forward to practicing the skills I learnt at home. Great training made possible by the Trials Experience Team and David Makin. I experienced a relaxed training atmosphere with a great bunch of people.....loads of fun!"
Mandy N
Thanks Jade for the flexibility
"Thanks Jade for the flexibility and welcoming attitude leading up to this weekend. Paul and Dave were great trainers, just slipping everyone up the skills ladder effortlessly."
Mike Cummings
Great Time
"I had a great day that I will remember for a long time to come. I must say that I’m a little bit hooked!"
I had a blast
“I had a blast on the course, its way more addictive than sky diving. Already looking to book my next course, Thank guys.”
Mick Z
absolutely on for more
"Heya Jade/Paul .. thank you so much for yesterday, Matt and I loved it! Paul, you are a natural, we both really appreciated your easy, friendly style, not to mention that your skills on the bike are nothing short of inspiring. Defo stay in touch, we are absolutely on for more courses in the future!"
Tim Rubin
QLD - (Sept 2019)
Professionally run
"I have experience mainly road riding and track day experience. I’ve touched upon some dirt bike experience in the past and really didn’t know what to expect from the trails course.

After the L1 day, I’m signing up to get me a trials bike! Who would have thought the low speed can be so much fun? Paul was a great teacher, guiding us through the fundamental rear brake, balance, clutch and throttle control. In the end we were going on rocks with ease. loved it.

Professionally run and would recommend to anyone wanting to expand their riding experience."
Daniel Burmas
Paul was excellent
"I attended the L1 of trials course with mainly Enduro and road riding / racing experience. I did not know what to expect from the day, I’ve never ridden a trials bike. My aim was to gain low speed control over large obstacles on my dirt bike. Paul was excellent in walking us through the basics, such as clutch control and low speed figure 8s, Before we knew it we were deep in the fun stuff such as riding on railway sleepers and riding over large rocks. The course made low speed difficult riding fun and addictive and cannot wait to do the L2. I recommend this course to anyone, regardless of their riding experience. If you like riding motorbikes, this will make you better at it."
Excellent day out
"Excellent day out would strongly recommend it for all level riders. Would be especially beneficial to learn these types of skills in your formative days of riding no matter what type of riding you are planning on doing. Good enthusiastic and encouraging coaching was provided by Trent and Cass."
"The chance to ride a modern trial bike was fantastic and a real challenge I was looking forward to.

I liked it so much we will probably take up trials riding in some shape and form.

Even if you don’t , the skills learned on the day will improve any type of riding. The training itself was perfect with a smooth transition from one skill to the next. The format and pace of the training was perfect and as a bonus Cass and Trent are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my time associated with motorcycles.

I cant wait to do the level 2 course after I have practiced what I learned at level 1.

Lastly I would recommend this course to any rider out there of any background and riding type."
"Great and usable tips from knowledgeable and friendly instructors. Nearly new bikes in great condition. Price is low for what you get. Recommended."
Im hooked!
“We got a few mates together and made a morning of it! Trials bikes are addictive! Im hooked!”
Red Robin Plumbing
Well Structured
"The course was well structured and gave a taste of trials to a level where we were comfortable and could see whether we would find it enjoyable if pursued further."
Sydney Course
Coming back for more!
"I recently completed a Trials Experience course with a group of friends, and just wanted to thank you for everything. The day was very well run, and a lot of fun at the same time. I had a great time learning just a little about how to ride these unique machines, and brushing up on some basic skills. I think the course will also help my day to day riding, and would recommend it to anyone."
"I wanted to thank you guys again for the day. I have been looking to get into trials for quite some time, as I really enjoy the technical aspect of riding when we are out on the trails on the enduro bikes; long rutted hill climbs, boulders, fallen trees etc. I think the instruction style, format, facilities, and bikes was just about perfect, and judging by how sore I was yesterday, I don’t think anyone could want more ‘on bike’ time."
Melborne, Vic
Great Service
"Lots of encouragement."
Torquepower Husqvarna
"The course helped me to transfer my skills over to my enduro riding."
Coffs Harbour
Great Setup
“The Ballarat facility was a great set-up with a range of obstacles specifically designed to help beginners build up from the absolute basics to tackling some small obstacles (there were also plenty of bigger scarier looking sections for the more advanced riders..). I couldn’t recommend this course more highly, you get to ride the latest bikes, the gear is supplied if you don’t have your own, and its really well priced.”
Ross Osborne
Challenging and Fun
“I thought trials riding would be too slow for me.. but I found the Trials experience course challenging and a lot of fun!
On Trak Motorcycles
What a fantastic day!
“What a fantastic day! I went out there to try something different and had an absolute blast. I came home with a bunch of new techniques that i’ve transferred into my trail bike riding and a new love for trial bikes! Those machines rock! Thanks Guys, I will be back!"
Lee Schirripa
Tour guide - Cape York Motorcycle Adventures
Loved The Format
"I had an absolute ball. You guys were just fantastic. Loved the format, loved the skills exercises and loved the trail ride."
Sydney Course
Friendly and Helpful
"I had a fantastic day at Trials experience. The crew are friendly and helpful and I gained a lot of confidence from the skills training."
Raceway Suzuki
Lots of encouragement
"I just thought the way the day was planned out and moving from one exercise to the next was really well thought out especially for newbies. I am sure you planned it that way for that exact purpose!!! Your property is beautiful. You both made the day fun and enjoyable even if it was a bit daunting to start with!!! It was great the way I could stop any time and there was no pressure but lots of encouragement."
"I usually ride a road bike but thought I would give trials riding a go for something different! It was heaps of fun and my first experience riding offroad."
"I wanted to thank you guys again for the day. I have been looking to get into trials for quite some time, as I really enjoy the technical aspect of riding when we are out on the trails on the enduro bikes; long rutted hill climbs, boulders, fallen trees etc. I think the instruction style, format, facilities, and bikes was just about perfect, and judging by how sore I was yesterday, I don’t think anyone could want more ‘on bike’ time."
Melborne, Vic