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Here we have a list of frequently asked questions. If you can't find an answer to your question here please contact us directly through our contacts page

Our courses cater for all level of riding ability, we prefer that you have had some basic riding experience but many of our students may have not ridden a trials bike for years and often have no off-road experience. We will help you build confidence in a safe environment and can guarantee that no matter what skill level you have you will learn something new on one of our courses.

We also offer complete learn to ride packages for students that have never ridden a trials bike at all.

Yes if your bike is in good mechanical condition. By bringing your own Trials bike to a course you will also save $70 bike hire fee. Please note that if your bike should not be in good mechanical order on the day, we will not stop the course to work on the bike at the time and cannot always guarantee an additional fleet bike will be available should your bike not be able to be used.

We require you to wear long sleeves, pants and basic eye protection on all our courses (no shorts, no t-shirts). We can provide MX boots, full face helmet MX helmets and gloves. If you have you own MX riding hear your are welcome to wear that but if not there is no need to stress as we have a large range of gear available to suit all sizes. (hire pants and jersey is rented at $10 a session)

If you have MX pants and jersey then that is great but if not a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt will be fine. If you would  some extra protection we have knee and elbow guards available as well. Helmets, Boots and gloves are included in the price of the course.

Our standard course consists of 3.5hrs of riding time, many people ask us if this will be enough and our answer is always yes! 3.5hrs on a trials bike will definitely wear you out, we have never had students complain about not getting enough riding! Trust us 3.5hrs is the perfect amount…

Yes,  we use Sherco trials bikes as out bike of choice and the fleet get turned over regularly.

At the end of each season we sell our school trials bikes and upgrade to the latest models, the ex-school trials bikes are great value and usually in hot demand so contact us if you are interested and we may be able to put one aside for you. Finance is available* on new and second hand trials bike at very reasonable rates. *To approved persons

YES, our courses are structured to give you a great introduction to trials and to build your skills and confidence, the skill you learn will improve your riding on any bike. Many of the world best riders (both road and off-road) use trials as cross training. We guarantee that you will learn new skills that will improve your riding no matter what type of bikes you normally ride.

YES, our standard courses are aimed at riders that are new to trials, or perhaps people who have ridden a bit of trials many years ago and are keen to give it another go on some modern machinery. We do run advanced courses usually aimed at riders that have completed our standard course and wish to take their skills to the next level. We also run advanced courses with world class instructors that are capable of pushing your limits no matter what your skill level is.

We provide water, biscuits, muesli bars, fruit, nuts and lollies for all courses. We usually recommend that you try to eat some food before you arrive at one of our courses, we will keep you fed and watered while you are with us.

Trials bikes are very easy to ride, they are incredibly lightweight and designed to be ridden at slow speeds (that’s not to say that they won’t go really fast as well, a few of our top riders recently competed in a Extreme Enduro event and gave the professional endure rider a run for their money). We are very used to getting inexperienced riders started on our trials bikes and we promise we will have you up and running in no time.

Unfortunately our fleet of bikes are full size so 13yr old is the best starting age to effectively kickstart the bikes on their own.
– please also check out our associated brand Safe2Ride for more details on traditional dirt bikes.

Unfortunately we don’t allow spectators on the courses so we can 100% focus on the students. If you have some friend who want to come and watch why not convince them to take part in the course instead!

We have a maximum of six people per course.

If you break or bend the trials bike you will have to pay for that part to be replaced. Fair wear and tear is accepted (scratches are OK). Due to the low speed of the trials bikes we don’t often see any major damage.

We keep a pretty close eye one the forecasts and if it looks as though the weather will be too bad to ride we will contact you and arrange for an alternative time to do the course. We still operate in rain – its good because it cools you down. We don’t operate on total fire ban days.

To do the 5 hour Trials Experience course you ideally should be at least 13 years old. If you are under that age, you can do sessions in 2 hour blocks on separate days. We have courses for kids aged 5 and up.

Once booked our courses are non refundable, however can be transferred to another person or used within a 12 month time period. We understand at times things pop up, that prevent you from attending the course at the requested time, however we will gladly reschedule you for another time and date. At times also the weather (such as snow, mud and storms) may play havoc with our courses and we will call you to postpone and lock you in for another time. This is very rare but does occasionally happen. Please know that rider safety is important to us and so is enjoying the experience.

e will always happily reschedule you to another date. If there isn’t a date available that suits, you will be provided a voucher redemption code, of the same value, which can be redeemed on any course, 1:1 session or transferred to friend to use on your behalf. All vouchers are valid for 3 years.



  • What is your refund policy?
    • If you purchase a course, 1:1 session or voucher and simply “change your mind” or the recipient “doesn’t like it” or you don’t attend your course session without any prior notice,  refunds will not be provided. We are more than happy to allow you to transfer the value to someone else, provide you with other course options or offer alternative product solutions if possible. We can also provide you with a voucher code that can be redeemed at any point within 3 years if you cannot attend due to unexpected events. We appreciate life gets busy and sometimes things happen that are outside of our control, but as a business we will always endeavour to reschedule or provide a voucher redemption code for all bookings so that you can attend at a later date. Should there be another reason you would like to request a refund please contact us directly to discuss.
  • How long are vouchers valid for?
    • All voucher are valid for 3 years as per Australian voucher standards.
  • But I don’t have a Trials bike can I hire yours?
    • Our fleet of bikes are available and included in each course fee we advertise.
    • Fleet bikes are not for hire outside of our course structure.
  • I have a medical condition can I still attend?
    • Any and all medical conditions or associated issues are to be announced prior to arrive to ensure suitability to the activity.
    • If you have any concerns please call us for more information.
    • Our coaches and staff are not medically trained professionals so we suggest you seek professional advice prior to booking you course.
  • I don’t have a motorcycle license can I still attend?
    • Yes all our courses are run on private property and not on public roads so no license is required.


If none of the above FAQ’s answered your question you can contact us directly, either by calling or through this form. If using the form please supply as much information as possible. Thank You

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