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If you’ve never used an hour meterĀ you will never really know how your machine is tracking. Whether it’s the hours you are putting on it or the maintenance routine you should to be keeping an eye on, an hour meter will help you keep track of all of it with ease.

Maybe you are missing oil changes, or changing too often? Not sure when that top ends going to need replacing? Well, you can keep track of it all with a Whites Hour Meter. Finished a ride and the engine run time over a weekend of riding is surprisingly less than you think! The Whites Hour Meter will tell you exactly how long the engine has been going making it simple to service the ride at the manufacturers recommended intervals. Available in Blue, Green and Red to match your ride or in Black for a sleek look.

Not sure how an hour meter is installed? Don’t worry, there are easy instructions to follow. You can also give us a call to help!

Digital display of engine run time
Easy installation, no battery, cutting or special tools required
Compatible with any spark plug equipped engine
Screws and double-sided adhesive included for mounting

Whites Hour Meter – Black